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Instead of seeing social media as a distribution channel where you push out the content that you created on one platform to all of the others, try to tell stories that match the context of each platform. Since Gary is also a speaker, you can learn a ton about social media by watching his talks on YouTube. One of my favorite examples of brand success on Instagram is HubSpot.

Instagram is, of course, focused on visuals.

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And HubSpot taps into this by producing beautiful images and video-related content with marketing tips. They perfectly combine inspiration with tactical tips for a great, well-rounded Instagram account. Do you want to get started with Instagram marketing? Create an Instagram for your business and start posting content related to your niche. Snapchat is another popular social network channel that can be huge for building brand awareness.

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Snapchat can be a great place to post behind-the-scenes content from your company like Everlane does :. Snapchat is great because the options are so diverse. You can post anything you want just like you can on Instagram. Current trends show us that social media marketing is changing fast. While social platforms have always been amazing for organically reaching customers and for free , that is slowly becoming less of a reality.

With that in mind, you need to have a combination of both organic and paid posts on social media to find the most success in your marketing plan. All social platforms have their own forms of paid advertising. From Instagram to Facebook to Twitter, you can sponsor posts and even create powerful custom audiences. On Facebook, advertising works in the display format.

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Facebook has some of the best audience targeting options in the market. You can effectively target audiences by income, interests, job positions, and just about anything you can think of. On Twitter, running ads is a great way to boost your posts. I love running Twitter-based ads that boost my latest blog posts to get more traffic.

One of my favorite examples of a powerful Twitter Ad comes from Simply Measured:. This allows them to reach a larger audience than their own following, bringing in more traffic, leads, and followers. Lastly, LinkedIn is one of my favorite places to advertise and promote content. LinkedIn not only offers successful organic posting, but it also has a user base of high-level users.

Content promotion and audience targeting are the keys to LinkedIn. LinkedIn, just like Facebook, has diverse audience targeting options and ad options. You pay for each click that you receive on an ad that you create. Twitter does it, LinkedIn does it, YouTube does it, and a couple of years ago, Instagram introduced ads as well. Then, you can pick a specific audience.

For example, you could target women in Austin, Texas between the ages of 32 and 45 who like Jon Bon Jovi. Facebook will then serve your ad to your audience in their Facebook news feeds on their desktop computers or their mobile phones. When people click on your ad, Facebook will redirect them to your page, which can be part of your Facebook fan page or any URL you define.

This way, you can get people to buy your product, read your content, or, as in this example, sign up for a free webinar. Grant knows how to run Facebook Ads:. Plus, thanks to the specific targeting, you can now make sure that relevant potential customers actually see your ads. A prime online resource is AdEspresso.

But, the blog is where they hide the good stuff. Here are some other good articles and resources to help you start your first Facebook Ad campaign:. Advertising on other search networks can be great, but the user bases are much smaller, making it harder to reach your target market. For example, on the search network, you bid on different keywords against multiple other advertisers who are looking to rank first.

Keywords will cost whatever advertisers are willing to pay for them. That means that they are willing to bid that high because their profits can justify it. Google AdWords is made up of multiple different advertising options. Here I will detail them for you and explain what works best for most businesses:. The AdWords search network allows all advertisers to produce text-based ads targeting a specific keyword to show up in search results.

The search network is one of the most powerful PPC advertising platforms the world has ever seen.

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They are on Facebook to engage with their friends and family and maybe to see some news on the side. But the search network on AdWords is a whole different animal. People are literally searching for things based on specific keywords to find solutions. Where platforms like Facebook can take multiple ads and remarketing campaigns to convert a prospect, the search network can convert someone from a single keyword search.

The display network is another powerhouse of advertising that Google offers to every advertiser on their platform. The display network taps into Google-approved sites, allowing advertisers to show image-based advertisements on related sites by topic and keyword context.

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