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Follow our top tips is the answer and get ready for the thrill of your life TravelMail Partners. Lastminute holidays do not need to be expensive with our discount codes. Expedia - Save on holiday accommodation. National Trust - Explore the UK for less. Save on National Trusr Memberships and Online shop. Legend says that a giant built Stonehenge for Merlin , the mythical wizard of Welsh folklore.

Still others figured the Romans constructed it during the time of Christ. However, Stonehenge is over years old, so none of these theories ring true. The site is years older than the Parthenon in ancient Greece and years older than the Colosseum in Rome.

9 Helpful Planning Tips for Visiting Stonehenge

At this time, people began to use metals including tin, copper and bronze and cultivate trade networks. Also they began to bury their dead individually rather than in a communal grouping. Over stone circles in Britain and Ireland alone still exist.

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Avebury near Wiltshire, 30 miles north of Stonehenge, has the largest stone circle formation in all of Europe. Although technically Stonehenge is a stone henge and not a stone circle. A henge is an enclosure with a sunken ditch as the inner area of the circle. In BC, Stonehenge began as a large circular enclosure lined with 56 upright pillars either made of timber or stone.

Stonehenge Facts!

Around and within the pillars are cremated human remains. For years it stayed a circular enclosure. Then around BC, the ancient people began to erect the large stones. Stonehenge has two types of stones: Huge sandstone boulders and smaller bluestones.

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These sandstone boulders are shaped into rectangles known as sarsen stone. The sarsen stones, weighing up to 50 tons each, came from North Wiltshire near Avebury. On the other hand, the bluestones weighing about 5 to 10 tons, originated from Wales. And so how did these heavy stones travel such long distances? Hundreds of people together may have dragged these stones on timber sledges with rollers and ropes.

Or the boulders themselves may have moved naturally by glaciers and deposited in areas closer to the Stonehenge site.

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Then the boulders were transported just a shorter distance to Stonehenge. This theory is less likely however. To erect the stones, the builders probably used ropes, a wooden A-frame, and weights together in a lever-like contraption. The famous Parisian monument, which honours the fallen from the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars, spectacularly failed to impress this visitor. That's it. To reach it you have to cross a wide road with angry motorists honking at you while you cross it. The Colosseum - 'watch Gladiator instead'.

Monolithic and megalithic definition

An Australian visitor suggests that watching Russell Crow fighting and shouting in the film Gladiator is preferable to visiting where the action took place - Rome's Colosseum. Paul L said on TripAdvisor that he couldn't get out of the Colosseum fast enough. Paul L said: 'Decided to visit as part of walking tour I was yelled at a couple of times Palace of Versailles - 'fourth-rate hyped-up non-event'.

The website for The Palace of Versailles , a former royal residence just outside Paris with over rooms, says: 'It has been listed as a World Heritage Site for 30 years and is one of the greatest achievements in French 17th century art.

In contrast, TripAdvisor reviewer 'wenjilondon' said: 'This is one of the worst tourist attractions in France. The write-up, headlined 'fourth rate', continues: 'You queue for a ticket, about an hour, in total shambles as the ticket queue collides with the toilet queue. It is impressive to think that these rocks, some weighing up to 50 tons, were transported during the Neolithic for over 40 km, from the quarry to the site.

Questions will definitely come to mind. How did people lift these rocks without modern machinery and technology? How did they calculate the specific position of the sun and moon, and align the stones so perfectly? Inside the museum there are also over objects and archaeological findings from the nearby museums of Salisbury and Wiltshire , including jewels, ceramics, tools, and even the face of a 5,year-old man, reconstructed with bone fragments found in the area. Visiting Stonehenge and the visitor centre will take about three hours , so if you want to check out other sights in the vicinity to make a day trip out of it, make your way to Salisbury or Avebury!

We recommend checking out Salisbury on your way back, and maybe visit the spectacular Cathedral , one of the best examples of Gothic architecture in England. As we mentioned above, it is forbidden to access the Stonehenge stone circle, except on Summer Solstice.

Megalithic Sites in Evora Portugal Older than Stonehenge • Albom Adventures

Stonehenge has been a site of solstice-related worship for centuries — for this reason, the Stone Circle is free to access every year between the afternoon of June 2oth and the morning of June 21st, to allow people to see the perfectly-aligned solstice sunrise. Access is on a first come, first served basis , but expect to find crowds in excess of 20, people. The atmosphere is chilled — think incense sticks, dance circles and druids, definitely no loud music!

For more info about Stonehenge Special Access for summer solstice , check this page on the English Heritage website! Summer Solstice is the only time of the year when you can actually visit Stonehenge for free , and access the Stone Circle from the inside. Or two.