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The Writer's Guide to Grammar offers the most succinct, easy-to-remember explanations for all the glitchy grammar issues while striking a perfect balance between definitions and practice. And there are clever illustrations!

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It was written with students in mind. There is a Teacher's Guide superb and a Student Workbook.

The New Writer's Guide to Working With Beta Readers

I've tutored writing to middle school and high school students for the past 15 years, so I was eager to find a fresh approach to showing the way through the grammar jungle. Home run — THIS book is it. I've already recommended it to several families and have adopted it as the backbone for my tutoring.

Bottom line — it takes all of the mystery out of applying the rules without ever getting dull.

Writing Thrillers: The Writer's Guide to Crafting Tales of Suspense

But it is not just for students. This book should be the go-to for writers of every kind. Students, parents, teachers, employees and employers — The Writer's Guide to Grammar will make you a better and more accurate communicator.

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Already own these books? This workbook serves both as a home-study course and as material for classroom coursework — e.

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Using this material, your student can:. The Teaching Guide for this program is remarkably easy to use. Its brilliant design makes lesson prep easy and enhances the teacher's delivery of lessons.

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Key elements of the design:. We stumble upon just the tip we needed, meet critique partners, discover new writers, connect, grow. Other days, we get sucked into the digital time warp. We start out with an innocent enough blog post and end up in an accidental flame war with a troll.

A Writer’s Guide to the Web

We wish we could hide the 1-star Amazon review from the reader whose only gripe is that the shipment was slow. As we were in the process of compiling this issue, I happened to be taking a couple of these steps myself, launching a home page with a mailing list jessicastrawser. For more information on the source of this book, or why it is available for free, please see the project's home page.

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