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I try so very hard to look past the selfishness, narcissism, ego, greed and realize his character is flawed as well as mine not that much. I try so hard to see the man I married 33 years ago and forgive him for the pain he has caused our family with his lying, cheating and manipulating as well as numerous other acts of deceit so I can move on and continue to work on this marriage.

But it is not coming easy to me. His response was very matter of fact and that I was crazy. How do I move forward with someone I cannot trust to be honest with me and help me move forward. How can you work on a marriage with someone that will not admit to their faults but will certainly point out every one of yours. I love my husband so very much, but am finding it almost unbearable to be a part of this marriage without the trust and commitment on his part.

I wonder why that is?? I am reaching for the strength I need to either get out or stand my ground. I have decided to give it one last chance before I throw in the towel, however, I have also decided I will no longer allow him to manipulate me. I told him I will not remain in a marriage where I am not loved by my husband or in a marriage of convenience which would be his. I will not, I will not, I will not!! Thank you for your words of encouragement and I hope that if the day comes I am faced with the act of leaving, I can still reach out to you and those like you for that strength I will so desperately need.

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I pray that day never comes, but I have been with this man since I was 15 years old and I fear he will not change. You ask: How do I move forward with someone I cannot trust to be honest with me and help me move forward. But you can absolutely work on yourself. Start by telling yourself the truth, which you have done so clearly in your comment. See this man for who he is, recognize that he is unlikely to change, and begin to look within at the places where you are stuck.

Why are you giving him one last chance? As you describe, he has been very consistent over the years. Since you told him you will not remain in a marriage of convenience, at some point, when you are ready, in the name of truth and authenticity, you will stand by these words in your behavior. I wanted to use the story of the Phoenix and did some research on the Net … and found this lovely post, Gail. I spent all afternoon into evening trying to find where the quote came from.

Finally I found you. My name is Carolann and I have seen much hardship for my 44 years of life. The worst came in Dec. I spent 15 months and five days in prison, separated from my school, students and my children. Many quarterly, I close my accounts in the red. Trying to find ways to sort tings out has been futile. I live a life of pretense, all is well. A fool to only myself. Finding this and the words which came to me is a breath of fresh air. I would be delighted to hear from you Carolann. Your seeds are sprouting, Carolann. What can you learn from what happened? How would you like to move forward?

How can you find a place of peace in yourself even with these challenging memories and situations? I hear that you look strong on the outside. Reading your story helped put things into perspective. Many aspects of the story and the Phoenix itself symbolize different aspects of my life. I have been in the fire for the past few years. Over those years I have allowed myself to transform; it has been both painful and delightful to see aspects of yourself die and aspects of yourself emerge. New dreams and plans are emerging along with a renewed Spirit. I now understand completely the process that I have undergone the past 7 years and what is happening around and within me now.

Thank you so much For the wonderful Post. I had to admit I am in great pain now. He was my boyfriend for almost 10 years before he proposed for marriage last Since his vacation to the Philippines is only for 2 months in a year he really wanted to have a child and I got pregnant after his marriage proposal.

Rise like a phoenix from the ashes – Grammarist

Late of last year I caught him cheating. His vacation 1 month he was home with us in Cebu and a month he told me that he will be on training in Manila but I just found out that He was having an affair with his fellow cabin crew who happens to have vacation since they are batch mates from work in Europe in a Cruise Ship. When I found out I was so hurt and wanted to let go of him. He was in europe working while I am here in the Philippines when I found out his having an affair. He was sorry and told me he will let go of the affair and as a wife I wanted to give our marriage a chance so I accepted his apology.

After that we communicate every day but I felt there was lacking. I felt so unloved but I have to fight and be strong because I have a marriage vow and for my daughter I have to fight for the Marriage. His expected vacation was April I was excited and I was really waiting for a moment to talk with him personally about us to improve our relationship as married couple. But when he was about to go home from Europe last april He texted me via Viber that our Marriage wont work anymore and He lied to me since he has girlfriend at work while I am his girlfriend and with the same girl he is having an affair now.

He was with his Mistress now in Manila. Why is it so Painful…. I was very excited that we will finally be together and will have a chance to talk with my husband personally to improve relationship as Married Couple. I never gave me a chance to fight as a wife and mother. The Long Distance Relationship, we are away for 10 months in a year but I asked him not to work abroad and be with us to work here in the Philippines.


I was completely blinded to keep it short. I was really blind and didnt see that side of my husband.. I was with this man for almost 15 Years I trusted him more than anyone else and he betrayed me. He even just told me that he will not be home anymore because our marriage wont work anymore just via viber. I felt so worthless. I keep on thinking what have I done to him. Ive been faithful to him since, a good wife and a good mother to our daughter… It was painful because he never gave our marriage a chance and just decide by himself that our marriage wont work anymore..

Phoenix Bird Symbolizes Renewal and Resurrection

Loving him was not painful but loving the wrong Man is.. This pain almost caused my death but with the help of Family and Friends I was able to dealt with this and I am quite good now. I was not thinking of myself alone for the lost love but I was more concerned with my daughter. I will raise my daughter alone.

But really I decided to really move on. There are days I can forget but there are days like today I cant stop thinking what when wrong with my life. Its like our dreams.

I never had a chance to fight for us. He was really decided and his decision was final to chose his mistress. What is more painful he come home to cebu for a couple of days and even brought his mistress with him. I was very disappointed also with his family. I wanted to talk with my husband not to go back with him but I wanted to talk to him as a person. I felt so worthless that he left me and the advice was just from a Viber. I am not just someone else in his life I am his wife but I am just nothing for him. Now I am trying to move on with my life without him.

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Moving on from the failed marriage. If I could only turn back time I must have chosen someone who will not hurt me this much.. I am ready to move on… I have my lovely daughter with me. I got great friends. I have mother and brother at my side. I got good Job. But still I felt my life is empty because me and my daughter has no family on our own. I just wanted to forget the pain. I tried to understand him so that I could move on but sometimes I could not help it to felt so much pain.

You are rising, Dorothy. Walk your own path with your head held high. Much love to you….

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