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I have a 34 inch Olfa mat that I was able to have after my grandmother passed away. Prior to that, I was using a smaller 18 inch Fiskars mat. The smaller mat worked perfectly fine for me for years. The larger mat is more a luxury. Well pressed fabric makes everything better.

I tend to use starch, but I know plenty of quilters who use steam or nothing at all. Fold your fabric in half. Cutting fabric is so much easier with smaller amounts, but I wanted to keep this in one large piece. Take note that I will be standing at the side of my table while I cut.

I will be cutting from where the fold is. I folded my fabric in half yet again so that it was shorter than the length of my ruler. This way I can cut the entire way up my fabric without having to move my ruler. So now that our fabric is nicely and neatly folded and all smoothed out, we are going to make our first cut.

In order to have straight squares, we need straight lines on our fabric.

Did you solve it? Are you smarter than a British 13 year old?

By using the picture below, you will create a perfect or very very close to 90 degree angle on the bottom right corner. Now that we have a straight edge and our fabric is all still nicely folded, we need to flip our fabric over. In order to use the inch marks on my mat, I need to line up my fabric with the lines on my mat. We are now lined up with the mat. Count over eight inches and line up your ruler with the guide lines above your fabric and below your fabric.

You are squaring your ruler with your fabric and your mat to make a perfect eight inch cut. Now we are going to essentially do the same process again with the eight in strips of fabric. I still have my stripes folded in half. I stacked two strips on top of each other. When you stack them, you can cut four blocks at once. First, though, we have to have two straight edges. We already have the straight edge at the bottom of the strip but we need to cut the selvage off on the right side.

Then just like above, I flipped my fabric so I could cut on the right side of my ruler. Search for anything. Udemy for Business. Try Udemy for Business.

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Puzzle ~ Packing Eight Numerals Into Eight Squares

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All you need is a piece of paper and a pen. During this course, students will: - Stimulate Creativity - Engage with their strengths - Bring to surface their inner desires and ambitions - Bring to light the resources available to facilitate their goals - Create a plan to bring goals to for wishing Course Outcomes: - Set Goals - Ease anxiety - Clear way forward - Motivation to engage in support to fulfill vision - Increase comfort of journey ahead - Increase self confidence Who this course is for:.

Course content. Expand 12 lectures This video is about your course instructor Jonathan Hood. About Jonathan Hood. Lecture 2: Prepare Yourself. This video is an overview about the 8 squares of vision. Lecture 3: Introduction to the 8 Squares Of Vision.