Manual Molecular Materials (Inorganic Materials Series)

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The roles of subsurface carbon and hydrogen in palladium-catalyzed alkyne hydrogenation. Science , 86—89 Venkatesan, R. Palladium nanoparticle catalysts in ionic liquids: synthesis, characterisation and selective partial hydrogenation of alkynes to Z -alkenes.

Molecular Materials (Inorganic Materials Series)

Shen, R. Facile regio- and stereoselective hydrometalation of alkynes with a combination of carboxylic acids and group 10 transition metal complexes: selective hydrogenation of alkynes with formic acid. Chan, C. Interstitial modification of palladium nanoparticles with boron atoms as a green catalyst for selective hydrogenation. Brunet, J.

Activation of reducing agents. Sodium hydride containing complex reducing agents. Pdc, a new, very selective heterogeneous hydrogenation catalyst.

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Download references. The authors thank L. Gu and Y. Huang and J. Zhang for help with providing POM samples and H. Correspondence to Shuzhou Li or Xun Wang. Materials and methods; Supplementary Figs. Reprints and Permissions. Incorporation of clusters within inorganic materials through their addition during nucleation steps.

Modern Inorganic Synthetic Chemistry

Download citation. Angewandte Chemie International Edition Angewandte Chemie Journal of the American Chemical Society Advanced search. Skip to main content. Subjects Solid-state chemistry. Abstract Nanomaterials are known to display chemical and physical behaviours that are different from those of their bulk counterparts, but assembly processes in the sub-nanometre region are difficult to control. Access through your institution. Buy or subscribe. Change institution.

Rent or Buy article Get time limited or full article access on ReadCube. References 1. Article Google Scholar Acknowledgements The authors thank L. Ethics declarations Competing interests The authors declare no competing interests.

Inorganic Materials as Supports for Covalent Enzyme Immobilization: Methods and Mechanisms

Supporting information. Nikkola, A. Karvonen, M. Liu, J. Chen, H. Vasala, J. Cheng, H. Yamauchi, J. Karppinen, Sr2Cu W1- x Mo x O6: a quasi-two-dimensional magnetic system with a possibility of large magnetic frustration,submitted Examples of Exciting Material Families. High-Tc Superconductive Copper Oxides The purpose of our research on novel multi-layered copper oxide materials is to expand the number of superconductive and related copper-oxide phases.

Karppinen, T. Chan, R. Chen, O. Gao, K.

Oishi, H. Suematsu, H. Chmaissem, I. Grigoraviciute, H. Yamauchi, M. Oxide Thermoelectrics Thermoelectric materials provide us with a highly potential means of energy harvesting as through such materials it is possible to produce electricity directly from various waste heat sources. Lybeck, M. Shibasaki, I.

Yamauchi, L. Karvonen, T. Egashira, Y. Karvonen, S. Yoon, P. Hug, H. Yamauchi, A. Nonstoichiometric oxides for SOFCs and oxygen storage Oxygen-nonstoichiometric oxide materials are useful in a variety of applications. Vasala, M. Huang, H. Haw, J. Chen, R. Liu, H. Vasala, H. Parkkima, E. Rautama, H.

Study reveals surprising new properties for hybrid organic-inorganic materials

Oxide halfmetals and multiferroics Halfmetallic and multiferroic materials are expected to provide us with novel phenomena of high scientific and technological impacts. Chemical Reviews , 6 , Peter J. Buijnsters,, Jack J.

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    Langmuir , 17 12 , Naoya Hosoda and, Takashi Kato. Chemistry of Materials , 13 2 , Langmuir , 16 24 , The Journal of Physical Chemistry B , 7 , Aksay, and, John T. Evidence for a Multistep Assembly Process. Journal of the American Chemical Society , 46 , Parker, , K.

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