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At least, that would be a literal interpretation. Poetically, as in the case of song lyrics, the "faded" part may have to do with popularity rather than actual light.

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Popular figures, for instance, can be referred to as "bright lights. It appears to me this question is about transitivity, passive voice, and past participle. The OP's confusion could be because fade usually is an intransitive verb. I say "usually" because it can be used transitively. When something fades it becomes faded. It may still be fading, becoming more and more faded.

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To describe the thing as faded focuses on the fact that it is no longer as bright as it used to be. Something that is fading is becoming dimmer or less bright.

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  • Arduino-Powered, Sensor-Controlled Fading LED Light Strips.

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Interior lights fade on when the ignition is turned off. Interior lights fade half off if on when the ignition is turned on.

Fading, fading...gone!

There is a longer delay if the key is off and a shorter delay if the key is on. Interior lights fade on and off when switched with door mode switch.

Reading light fades on and off with dedicated reading light push button.