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En consultant les docs. Voir les doc. Landsbanki Luxembourg S. Combien de temps allons-nous laisser faire?? Es stehen also Dieser Fall ist anders und das liest man in den Zeilen von Sigrun Davidsdottier. Besonders die Insolvenzverwalterin Y. Wie dem auch sei, es steht ohne jeden Zweifel fest, dass es in Luxemburg keine strafrechtlichen Untersuchungen i Fall Landsbanki Luxembourg bisher gegeben hat.

Boutique quixotemusic

Dem Kunden der Landsbanki Luxembourg wurden Anleihen der Muttergesellschaft verkauft, nein, zuerst wurden sie ihm angepriesen als risikolos und profitables Investment. Das waren andere Zeiten und damals wie heute war der normale Rentner kein Investmentprofi, sondern Sparbuchbesitzer. Hier hat man also die Positionen gewechselt. Aber warum nur? Man muss das ganze Bild sehen. Die beklagten Opfer sind in Luxemburg angeklagt. Das diese Strafsache Sprengwirkung hat, erkennt man schon daran, dass sich der Generalstaatsanwalt dieser Sache angenommen hat.

Ein probates Mittel ist es, wie auch schon in der 1. Instanz, darauf zu verweisen, dass keines der Opfer jemals einen Prozess gegen Landsbanki Luxembourg gewonnen hat. Was Frau Hamilius jedoch verschweigt, ist, dass alle diese Prozesse in Luxemburg abgelehnt wurden, was uns sofort wieder zum Anfang, zu den Eigeninteressen bringt. Eine gute Frage.

OK, wir gehen davon aus, dass das so ist. Dann muss jede Behauptung bei Gericht auf Beweise oder Indizien beruhen. Bei Frau Y. Aber nicht in Luxemburg. Wer jetzt nicht sofort an einen strategischen Zug denkt, kann hier aussteigen. Ich sage nicht, dass genau solche eine Strategie dahintersteckt, ich sage nur, dass man eine solche erkennen kann und dass es einen sonderbaren Geschmack hat.

Was ist das nun wieder? Wieso macht der Richter das? Eine gute Wahl sind die abgewiesenen Klagen der Opfer, die sie dem Berufungsrichter in Paris auf den Tisch legen kann. Aber diese Beweise sind bis heute Geister, Luftnummern und letztlich nur Behauptungen ohne jede Substanz. Das wird sicher auch ein Berufungsrichter so sehen. Am Pas le genre de Gudmundsson. Une erreur de jeunesse, plaida-t-il.

En vain. Mais les candidatures ne se bousculent pas pour occuper le poste.

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December This was done so as to put the funds into LexLife owned by Landsbanki , which a company could not do. The 4,, Euro balance was placed into the company investment portfolio. The proceeds were to be used to payoff the interest and principal of the loan. At the time, the company had a large negative income loss and had no other way to repay the loan.

The company never authorized the repayment of 4,, Euro or the transfer of their investment account to LexLife. In fact, this left the company with a 3,, Euro loan with no portfolio or therefore the ability to pay the interest or principal. Then, on October 8, , Landsbanki itself, suspended payments.

Time, Politics and Class

We then discovered that the investment portfolios had been used without authorization to buy over half the value in Landsbanki bonds, which were now worthless. Much was bought within weeks of the bank closing. Subsequent calls to Landsbanki were unanswered. In fact, Torben Bjerregaard and Morton Jule later approached us regarding a new bank to take over the Landsbanki loans.

Over the subsequent ten years we have been constantly threatened by Ms. Hamilius regarding the taking of our property if we did not repay some fictitious and unsupported amounts. In fact, on the afternoon of February 22, we received a disingenuous offer from Ms. Gledhill that gave us four days to accept totally unrealistic amounts with no discussion, explanation or accounting.

Daniel H. Dugas

Included was a purported internal document that was contrary to any previous discussion we had with Landsbanki. Note: There are many major discrepancies within the documents from Landsbanki and the accounts of LexLife provided to us and the Landsbanki statements. The number of the bonds purchased did not match each other.

No mention was been made of the missing stolen 4,, Euro or the bogus bond purchases. Also, after the fact, we were notified that our investment portfolio had been sold off without our knowledge and to date, we have not even seen an accounting. The bizarre and incompetent way that this situation has been handled smells of fraud and corruption at the highest levels. The net effect of the ongoing situation has been one of severe stress for the owners of the company.

Horizons, Fourth Edition

The company has lost all of it potential credit, which is necessary to run a successful business. After a severe flood in we had no ability to rebuild on a timely basis. Our losses included almost all of the farming equipment for the vineyard, including the all-important specialized tractor. We approached two banks, Credit Lyonnais and Credit Agricole. Both declined us because of the unstable balance sheet. The devastation was further sustained by the lack of honesty and openness by Ms. Still today we are impaired by the lack of credit. We cannot even supply a proper financial statement.

In addition to destroying much of our business, the strain has had a major impact on our lives. Even now we deal with the impact on a daily basis. C lives with constant stress and headaches. Of course, all of this continuing abuse by Ms. Hamilius seriously strains our relationship and has affected our ability to see our five children and seven grandchildren who live in the US. Today we must spend all of our time working with the company. At no time have we ever had a meeting with the liquidators, in spite of being one of the larger clients.

We have been treated with total disrespect. The constant abuse coupled with the extra financial burdens due to the legal expenses is undoubtedly one of their strategies. This amounts to mental rape.

The Joy That Never Ends

Hamilius tries to invoke various clauses of the contract while totally ignoring those that do not serve her needs — especially those that were meant to protect us. It is unbelievable that Landsbanki should be allowed to destroy our life the way they have. Hamilius is the leader of these vigilante-type actions and she has had no regard for human damage she has perpetrated. How many lives must be ruined before she is made to answer for her actions or lack thereof? She must be held responsible for not pursuing the illegal, fraudulent and corrupt activities of Landsbanki. Her corruption and incompetence cannot continue unabated.

This final much reduced valuation was used within the SCR as a basis for falsely demanding funds to restore an SCR which in reality had not fallen below the required level. This enabled the default party- the bank, Landsbanki, to falsely classify the non-defaut party as in default.

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  • The EU law states that it is illegal to make such arbitrary reductions in value of a property without another certified evaluation. There wqs no proper accounting to justify either the alleged investments made by Landsbanki… Did they exist in the first place? There was no adherence to any of the EU rules which are supposed to protect the investor, the consumer and the clients of banks.