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I would like to win because my husband and I have been dreaming about a trip to Scotland since before we were married 5 yrs now! However, life keeps getting in the way and we have yet to take a trip together, aside from visiting relatives, going to weddings, etc. Cool opportunity Chris! She moved away almost a year ago. We chat online frequently. My family split when I was 2ish, and I had the guts to reconcile with my father about 5 years ago bravest thing? I got a fantastic second family my father is in AZ, sis is in Aus with her mom.

I am a mother of two and a freelance photographer. I was a journalist before i came to Australia to study so i am very good with people and exploring the unknown and untouched is my forte. If I could go anywhere it would be to Australia to visit my sister and her fiancee. My sister moved there about two years ago and I have been wanting to go visit her for a long time. It would be a dream come true to be able to visit and see her life on the literal other side of the world!

I would take my boyfriend to New Jersey to visit his family. I think this would be the perfect gift and would force us to make it happen!

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And of course it would make his family very happy also since they are not able to fly to the west coast this year. Thanks for a great contest, Chris! I have always dreamed of exploring my European heritage — specifically my Irish and Scottish roots. I would love the opportunity to immerse myself in those cultures — to kiss the Blarney Stone, to walk among the seemingly evergreen hills, to perambulate along the walkways of Edinburgh Castle, and, of course, to drink Guinness in its founding country.

And more importantly, I would love to just mingle with the people in those countries, to meet new friends and just lose myself in the culture. I originally planned to stay for one week helping them renovate their shed into a studio. This turned into 4 months of child care and odd jobs. To say this Family changed my life would be doing them a disservice. The very essence of who I am today comes directly from that experience and those boys that I looked after.

I arrived there chasing myself and what I wanted from life. I left knowing precisely who I was and what I was meant to do. Work with children. So my trip would not take me home to the UK, rather to Australia so I can personally thank those that I owe so much…and to give those boys a huge hug!

I would like to go to USA, in Seattle to be precise, next summer. I live in Italy, and me and my girlfriend have a friend that lives in Seattle.

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Last summer she came to Italy and stayed some day with us, now is time for us to go visit her. Both are involved in metaphisics, alternative healing and so on and so forth…it would be great to meet her again so we can exchange experiences… Thank you Chris for this opportunity! The one place I want to go right now is ………………..

Steamboat Springs, Colorado. July 6 — 10 it appears we are trying to have a Family Reunion of 11 plus families. Georgia cousins and Colorado cousins are getting together with all of their families! This has never happened. This would require my husband and I to travel with our 3 children! See what you can do to make this easy on us. I have been told that it is literally one of the most beautiful places on earth and the people are wonderful.

Our 19th anniv is July 25th. Maybe this could be squeezed in! I would love to go to Tibet…please please pretty please!!!

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If i could go anywhere Chris it would be, without doubt, Bhutan. Having traveled for the last few years of my life, the one place that holds the allure of true traveling is Bhutan. So many countries have targeted tourism as a major revenue source while Bhutan has been doing quite the opposite! We are going to miss her terribly, and we have an open invitation to stay with her family.

My husband and I are not world travelers — we are barely domestic travelers — so it would be precious to us to be able to make this trip. And learn more Portuguese. Barring that, though, my second choice would be a trip to Seattle, to visit my brother and his family.

I would love to have them show me around the area. Basically this year my goal is get started going somewhere on a more consistent basis. In Asia I would like to visit Japan and China.

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Many people have told my I should visit Australia as well. Thanks Chris, that is very generous. Having traveled to a lot of places, there is quite a few dream trips that are still outstanding for me once you get the bug, you never get rid of it. These miles would make my dream of a Round The World trip possible!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. I would love to fly to Seattle or Portland and do a driving tour of the Pacific Northwest.

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For some reason that part of the U. I would love to spend some time just enjoying that part of the country.


As a photographer I have a feeling that the Pacific Northwest is full of amazing photo opportunities. Chris, thank you for this amazing giveaway and for being the inspiration I need to break away and lead a life of non-conformity. It means more than I can ever express. I would like to go to Japan, America and Brazil. Anyone of those would be lovely. Being Chinese, going to Japan would be fascinating, being British also, and growing up weaned on westerns, America just has the greatest romance for me.

Brazil because a sweetheart lives there. I would most like to earn some miles because I am developing a travel website which will immerse readers in locations using text and photos. My new website will be the start of my adventure and non-conformist life, and some airmiles would be sweet! I would take my daughter to Estonia. When I was 4 years old, I woke up one morning and could play the piano. My family was floored.

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  6. I told them I dreamed it and someone taught me in my dreams. It develops young minds and teaches them critical thinking skills.

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    Estonia is hosting the Chess World Cup and the entire chess elite will be there. I envision my daughter being the one of the youngest to play in the free exhibition games and the experience would be incredible and invaluable to her development.

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    Thank you kindly! By the way to the first commenter, Lebanon is a beautiful place. The street food is fantastic, a lot of people speak English at least enough to help you and US dollars are accepted in most places.